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Victor Wellington Peters was born on September 29, 1902 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Ruth Peters nee Hahn Heung Bok was born on October 24,1912 in Kaesung, Korea.

They were married February 12, 1938 in Korea, which was by many accounts the first marriage between an American and Korean in Korea.

Some other interesting highlights of Dr. Peters' life include:

Being in the first class ever at UCLA (then the Southern Branch of the University of California).

Studying under Dr. J. Gresham Machen at Princeton Seminary.

Methodist Missionary to Korea during Japanese occupation 1929-1940.

May it be impressed upon those who read this history God's providentail guidance upon the Peters' family. May we be blessed and inspired to be what God desires us to be through the testimony of the Peters Family patriarch, Victor Wellington Peters.

Happy 101st birthday, Dr. Peters!

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